What are we going to discuss?

You will learn more about nutrition, a healthy sleeping pattern and exercising. You will also learn how to make (small) improvements to your lifestyle. For example, did you know sitting for too long increases the risks of chronic health problems? Or did you know sugar has effect on your energy levels during the day? And how sleep is highly important for the functioning of your brain?

During the workshop you will get practical tips and tricks on how to make changes to your daily routine. As a result you will prevent physical complaints, you will be more energized during the day and you will experience less stress. How great would that be?! And as a bonus, there will be a personal body measurement available for everybody where you will discover what your “real” metabolic age is.

Nutrition topics:

  • The relationship between nutrition and feeling energized
  • Is sugar as bad as they say it is?
  • Are saturated fats healthy?
  • Which guidelines are recommended and why?
  • Does bread fits in a healthy lifestyle?
  • Facts, fables and hypes


Sleep topics:

  • Biological clock and sleep cyclus
  • What are the effects of sleeping?
  • What affects sleep?
  • What are the causes of insomnia?
  • How does your lifestyle relates to sleep?
  • Relaxation exercises


Exercise topics:

  • What is a sedentary lifestyle?
  • What are the health risks of long-term sitting?
  • What is a vital posture?
  • How often should you exercise?
  • Test yourself – Knee skipping test!
  • Relaxation and energize exercises, workout@work